Dmitry Korikov

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Dmitry Korikov

Coming soon

“Do movies, tell stories, enjoy life, travel, be happy, give love and never stops”

It is me, whom I wanna be

About me

Hi, my name is Dmitry Korikov. I’m from Sankt-Petersburg, Russia.

Since 2015 i live in LA. I do acting and production. In free time I travel. I saw all USA states. Almost all Canadian provinces. And that what I wanna do all my life. Travel, shoot Films, tell stories and change the world to good basically.



Places we have been

Short film

It is a story about relationships. About this first moment when you just meet someone, how you talk, how first kiss goes on. Then it is about second date. First sex. About feelings that you have… And finally about moment when everything ruined


TV Show about traveling.

I believe in magic and it always happens in my life. Traveling without stops is possible, you just need to think this way. Come with me, you’ll see.



Los Angeles, USA
+1 917.480.8131